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3D Mechanical Design & Modeling

Our team of expert CAD professionals, having extensive experience with the powerful simulation tools, finite element analysis and simulation software, can take your project from a concept through engineering and CAD design, analysis, prototyping all the way to production.

Combined 3D mechanical and electrical design:
Mechanical Design: shafts, roller bearings, belts, bushings, nuts, bolts etc.
Sheet Metal Designs: rotor and stator laminations, enclosures, brackets etc.
Assembly design: electric motors, gearboxes, electronic modules etc.
Manufacturing/Industrial Design Consultation.
Photorealistic 3D Renderings, 3D printing.
Rapid prototyping.
shema-5-5 SRM-10kW 1

Engineering analysis:
Limits, fits and tolerances calculation.
Material selection in accordance with operation conditions.

Gear trains calculation:
— Spur gears
— Worm drives
— Hypoid gears
— Crown gears
— Racks and pinions
— Helical gears
— Bevel gears
— Multilevel planetary gears
Planetary gear 2 Planetary gear (render)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA):
— Stress Analysis
— Motion analysis
— Vibration analysis
— Thermal analysis
— Fluid flow
Calculation 1 Calculation 2 Calculation 4