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Switched Reluctance Drives

20161102_133947 KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ focuses on the development, design and manufacturing of build-in Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) solutions for custom applications.

The integrated switched reluctance drive system combines mechanics, electronics, and software and hardware in multi-processor architecture. Our integrated switched reluctance drives provide plug-and-play solutions for modular machine concepts and are used in the most demanding applications, requiring high performance, high density, high reliability, and energy efficiency.

Liquid cooled
Drives with integrated motor control units for floor grinding machines, water pumps, compressors

integrated motor

Drives for
Professional Concrete Cutting Equipment and Electrical Hand Power Tools

Concrete Core Drill

Motors/Generators for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

High Speed Drives

High Speed

Push-pull actuators

Push-pull actuators