KASKOD-MTRONIX’s new engineering products closely integrate mechanics, electrics and electronics, as well as microprocessor control and software technology, which results in lower costs and improved functionality and reliability.

Highly integrated systems have special requirements regarding miniaturization, functional integration, reliability and design. New technologies are necessary in order to fulfill those requirements.

Integrated Mechatronic Solutions

Our lead engineers have extensive experience with digital signal processing and power circuits spanning over two decades, as well as with microprocessor control, embedded systems, mechanical design, user interface, communications buses and secure remote control solutions. KASKOD-MTRONIX not only can design a motor or a generator for your application but also the means to control it as standalone or as a part of entire network of devices. Performance and alarms data from drives and generators can be collected and sent over Internet or local networks for processing and archiving, which will help you keep maintenance schedule and ensure system’s availability. KASKOD-MTRONIX can even monitor your devices remotely and advise regarding an upcoming maintenance or potential problems before they occur.

Along with our current product range, we offer professional services for the entire development cycle, from conceptual design to volume production.