Low-RPM Switch Reluctance Generators have high power density, rotor is free of magnets and windings which results in the absence of cogging torque, low rotor inertia, higher reliability, better manufacturability and lower cost. These features of the switched reluctance generators, in comparison to the conventional machines, makes them promising for direct-driven wind or water turbine generators and ensures their safer operation and longer lifetime in harsh environmental conditions.

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The physical size of a generator depends on the required rated torque. The rated torque differs for different wind turbines or water turbines of the same rated power, because of different turbine speeds. For wind or water generator applications, the torque curve of the generator needs to be optimized in accordance with the torque curve of the prime mover — water or wind turbine.

KASKOD-MTRONIX provides low RPM air- or liquid-cooled switched reluctance generator design and optimization for various types of turbines. We will make sure our product fits your application!

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