KASKOD-MTRONIX O├ť ÔÇô a fast-growing high-tech Mechatronic Engineering Company headquartered in Loksa, Estonia.


We provide technically innovative mechatronic solutions based on Switched Reluctance Motors/Generators that rely on the integrated electrical and computer control systems which are critical to their operation. We offer a full range of services for the development, manufacture and support of customized highly reliable Drive/Generator systems for low, medium and high RPM applications. Power electronic solutions for these systems utilize modern IGBT/MOSFET transistors and advanced materials and technologies which significantly increase efficiency, improve heat management and ensure quality and reliability.

KASKOD-MTRONIX O├ť designs and manufactures highly reliable embedded boards, modules and systems based on the modern microcontrollers and DSP microprocessors. We provide connectivity solutions for CAN, Flex-Ray, Ethernet, Serial and Digital I/O, USB and Wireless technologies.

Our specialists have many years of experience in system development, manufacturing, deployment and support. While our company in its current incarnation has been founded several years ago, our key designers and programmers have been working in the same team for decades, ensuring that our longstanding tradition of innovation, quality and exceptional work ethics is proudly carried on. We have helped our clients successfully complete hundreds of automation projects in every major industry and we want to help you too! Constant improvement, optimal efficiency and environmental conscience you will always find in our company.