KASKOD-MTRONIX OГњ offers standard modules and custom-designed equipment for your power control applications. Utilizing the latest DSP-based digital components allows us to achieve more control functionality, use one standard hardware design for multiple platforms and quickly modify design to meet specific customer needs with more flexibility. The extra computing power and multiple converter controllers integrated into the new processor chips allow implementation of sophisticated nonlinear algorithms, efficient control of MOSFET or IGBT transistors, and optimization of the total system cost.

Options may include such computer interfaces as CAN, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wireless 2.4 GHz.

For various IP ratings and sizes of power electronic packages a variety of cooling methods may be used: forced air, natural convection, water, heat pipe, direct closed-loop and various heat exchangers.

We also provide cost-effective EMC solutions to bring the product into compliance with relevant standards or specifications. Our EMI/RFI filter solutions are optimized specifically for the products and provide appropriate safety margins.

Whether you choose modular, customized or mixed approach, we will make sure all parts of your system work together – after all, we design and build them ourselves!

Low and high voltage inverters DC/AC, DC/DC, AC/DC and AC/AC up to 200kW

High voltage power supplies

Low voltage power supplies with high-current synchronous rectifiers

Digital UPS Systems

Battery chargers