KASKOD-MTRONIX OГњ team of technical experts includes highly trained engineers who specialize in microcomputer hardware and software design. They will precisely identify your needs, recommend end-to-end solutions and will help you minimize your product cost and maximize your product functionality and reliability by utilizing the latest technologies.

Like a good chef, we hold on to our recipes and go beyond the menu. When we can’t quite provide you the right board off the shelf, we open our cookbook of solutions, find something that fits, spice the dish to your taste and take your concept to full implementation.
KASKOD-MTRONIX OГњ designs solutions for wide area of applications. Custom designs combine proven technology of our stock single-board computers, I/O boards, communication boards and build on our extensive design experience. Armed with modern CAD tools to provide schematics, PCB layout and 3D modeling, we are typically able in four to six weeks time to take your system from concept to prototype.